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at the very least, it'll be a good story.

Knowing when to say goodbye or take the risk. The new year lends itself to new opportunities and new resolutions, sure, but it also lends...

love thy neighbor, avoid hypocrisy.

We can all agree upon the intense polarization America is currently experiencing. Every day, the news screams to us: "Good morning! Nike...

remember today; life's too short.

Anyone who knows me well knows two things I highly value in life: memory and nostalgia. I have a profound memory of even the most...

the power of a cold shower.

Despite all of the differences that exist amongst humanity, I'm almost sure we can agree on one thing: the power of a shower. And if you...

write your script & enjoy the show.

She moves in mysterious ways. With all due respect to the musical genius that is U2, I am unfortunately not citing their lyrical rock...

so I killed a spider.

There I was, making the journey from the living room couch back to my bedroom to complete my quarantined travel for the day. I entered my...

"so what", and finding yours.

Miles Halter, protagonist in Looking for Alaska, is seeking "The Great Perhaps." Spoilers ahead. There's a reason that the first time I...

so you want to become a columnist.

It's officially 1:46 am, a solid three seasons of Sex and The City have been binged-watched in the past week or two, and I'm having...


why sunday morning?

It is representative of two very important aspects of my life. First, Sunday Morning by Maroon Five is arguably the best song ever produced. It can get in touch with your emotions, or it can hype you up before an interview. It's dreamlike lyrics and jazzy undertones are timeless; I have no doubt this song will be featured in my wedding and sung to my children. Second, I eat blueberry chocolate chip pancakes on this weekly holiday. Easy like Sunday morning. 


let me introduce myself!

Hello! Welcome to my humble corner of the big wide web where I share just about anything going on in my mind. You'll find inspirational insights, vulnerable truths, and how I personally approach this pretty little thing called life. 

My name is Caroline Hughes, and I am a 19-year-old student at Texas Christian University originally from a suburb outside Chicago. Despite my love for all things Texas, the windy city will always hold a special place in my heart. I am studying Strategic Communications, focusing on advertising, digital media, feature writing, and creative strategy, with a minor in General Business. I am a member of the Texas Delta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi. Shoutout angels :)

Some of my favorite things: any and all vegan desserts, football games, Springsteen by Eric Church, yellow labs, almond butter acai bowls, HIIT workouts, Friday Night Lights, Good Will Hunting, and driving at night in July heat.


we should get to know each other

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